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It's safe to say our diet affects many aspects of our lives, but is it possible it is the cause for many of our acne flare ups too? The answer, YES! 

Adult Acne comes in different forms, here we'll focus on the two types; Inflammatory and non-inflammatory Acne. While most non-inflamed acne, (such as blackheads and whiteheads) can be caused by certain products and clogged pores and cured by proper skincare and facials. The more severe Inflammatory Acne tends to be far more difficult. It's important to understand that Acne is indeed classified as an "Inflammatory Disease". This means that much like all other Inflammatory diseases, there are certain foods, products and ingredients we may want to consider avoiding. 

My name is Alexandra Rosalind, fellow Adult Acne thriver, Health Coach and Founder of Skindocx. It may sound strange, but I am obsessed with Acne! After years of struggling with my own, I decided it was to time listen, learn and understand why my skin (and body) were so unhappy. After years educating, formulating and perfecting the Skindocx Skincare Acne approach, I am happy to help others understand and manage their own.

If I told you you could STOP active breakouts within weeks (even days), would you believe me? Well, YOU CAN! I've listed here the most common Acne Causing Foods. Also known as "Trigger Foods" or, an "Inflammatory Diet". Bearing in mind that everybody's acne journey is different, but if your acne is more on the inflamed to severe side, its a great idea for you to consider gradually removing the following things from your diet.


Its always a great idea to avoid nuts (peanuts especially), dairy, processed sugar, excess alcohol, gluten and soy. 

So, want to give this "acne clearing diet" a shot? Here are some foods to look out for:

  • Processed Sugar (soda, Chocolate, frappuccino's, candy, cake, pie etc.)

  • Dairy (Milk, Cheeses, Ice Cream, Yogurt, Dairy Creamers etc.)

  • Alcohol

  • Tree Nuts (peanuts, pistachios, pecans, walnuts and macadamia nuts etc)

  • Gluten (Read labels for this: common in bread, pasta, baked goods etc.)

  • Soy (read labels for this) 

  • Hydrogenated Oils 

  • Fried foods

  • Pork

  • Excess Sodium

Minimize Alcohol consumption, as this spikes insulin levels and lead to Hormonal Acne.

Avoid Fried foods and foods high in oil and sodium (fried pork chops or bacon are a great example of what not to eat.)

Try to opt for "NON GMO" labeled foods. 

Non GMO is a general step in the right direction for an over all healthy lifestyle

Try incorporating plenty of spring water and leafy greens into your EVERYDAY diet. This is important in detoxing and cleaning your system.

This method is called a "process of elimination diet" and incorporating certain foods back in down the line is highly likely. So go ahead, try it out for a few weeks. 

Want to turn over soonest possible results? Book a Consultation and ask about or Acne Detox Packs.

Other Common Causes for Adult Acne:

Hormone Imbalances due to the following: 

Birth Control (patches, Day After Pills, and rings) 

Low Vitamin D Levels

Fluctuating Diet

Excess Sugar


Pretty complex huh? Dont worry, we're here to help! With Products, Treatments, Supplements and Coaching, Skindocx has got you covered on your journey to living Acne Free.

Theres much to know and learn about your acne, so we're here to help and invite you to book your FREE Consultation and shop the website for all of your Acne questions and product needs. 

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Never in a million years would I imagine my biggest insecurity would become my biggest passion! After clearing my breakouts with the Standard Acne Kit, I now help others suffering with acne clear their skin and I love it!!

Alexandra R.


I booked my consultation with Alexandra to stop my breakouts. It's only been a couple of weeks and my acne is already gone.


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I lost hope in trying. Skindocx was my last hope and I am so happy that I found them! I wanted to give up, thank you so much!

Calvinita B.

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